Cogency Wins Best Fund of Hedge Fund Software Provider for 2014


Cogency is honored to receive the 2014 Wealth & Money Management Award for Best Fund of Hedge Fund Software Provider in the United States. The award welcomed nominations from across the globe and recognized leading achievements within the investment and financial services community. Recipients include a wide range of professionals and firms including asset managers, wealth managers, private bankers, family offices, and financial technology providers.

A Model of Accountability for Private Equity Investors


If you invest into closed-end, draw-down, private equity funds you know that it can often feel like you're sailing in dark waters. There are few operational standards, few means of enforcement, and a general lack of visibility for investors in these murky conditions. Given these challenges, chances are that your operations could use some refinement in order to catch up with the growth of your business. It may be time to bring your private equity operations up to par with the control that you have over your other asset classes.

Unified Accounting for Institutional Investors


As an institutional investor, you face operational complexities as your portfolio broadens and your business evolves. Perhaps you invest across different asset classes like marketable positions, private equity, and hedge funds. Maybe you run pooled vehicles that require both hedge fund and private equity partnership accounting.

If this sounds like your firm, then you certainly know the challenges of keeping your operations in-sync with the evolving nature of your investments and investors. Do you have a straight-through processing solution that can handle your operational needs? If the answer is no, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Financial Software: Hosted or In-House?


We are often asked about hosted versus in-house deployment by perspective clients. At Cogency, we are proud to be platform agnostic and make an extra effort to offer a solution that works in both environments. This flexibility gives our clients the freedom to choose the best approach for their organizations.

So how do you know which approach is right for you?

Private Investment Fund Accounting, Operations and Compliance Forum 2014


We are excited to be sponsoring the upcoming Private Investment Fund Accounting, Operations & Compliance Forum in New York City. This two-day conference provides tips and techniques for private equity funds, hedge funds, and fund of funds to maximize operational efficiency while minimizing overall costs.

  • Learn how to fine-tune your back and middle office culture to minimize risk and maximize productivity
  • Understand recent and upcoming developments from the SEC, FASB, the IRS and other governing bodies
  • Learn how to be ready for an SEC examination and what to expect throughout the process
  • Hear and share war stories and lessons learned from becoming FATCA compliant
  • Learn how to protect your fund by identifying and avoiding operational risk
  • Expand your network of industry peers and hear what they are doing

12 ways to Get More Value from Cogency in 2014


Now that you have converted your data, validated the accounting, and incorporated Cogency into your daily operational workflow, it may be time to revisit some of the capabilities you saw during your first product demo that you still haven’t fully brought to light. With the start of a new year, it's a great time to dive into new features and start getting more value from Cogency!

Blurring the Lines Between Asset Allocators and Asset Managers

Jeffrey Axelrod


2013 was a year in which the industry continued blurring the lines between hedge funds, fund of funds, wealth managers, and institutional investors. It was a year that saw fund of funds selling product to retail investors, multi-manager funds take on a fixed-income overlay, pension funds exchanging their fund of fund investments for direct positions into managers, and family offices undertaking pension-style comparison of performance to benchmarks.