12 ways to Get More Value from Cogency in 2014

Now that you have converted your data, validated the accounting, and incorporated Cogency into your daily operational workflow, it may be time to revisit some of the capabilities you saw during your first product demo that you still haven’t fully brought to light. With the start of a new year, it's a great time to dive into new features and start getting more value from Cogency!

Here are twelve features we think you should explore to get more value from Cogency's vast capabilities:

Blurring the Lines Between Asset Allocators and Asset Managers

Jeffrey Axelrod2013 was a year in which the industry continued blurring the lines between hedge funds, fund of funds, wealth managers, and institutional investors. It was a year that saw fund of funds selling product to retail investors, multi-manager funds take on a fixed-income overlay, pension funds exchanging their fund of fund investments for direct positions into managers, and family offices undertaking pension-style comparison of performance to benchmarks.

Valuation Timing for Alternative Investments

As a San Franciscan who has daily contact with people in New York and throughout the world, I’ve learned to qualify all communication regarding 'time' with a date and time zone. When I do that, I experience smooth conference calls, and when I forget, I receive an unexpected phone call in the middle of a sound sleep. I appreciate that it is not our different perspectives on the current time that is the problem, but rather our lack of identifying and respecting those differences.

Visualizing Equalization Accounting for Alternative Investment Firms

Having recently added the equalization methodology to our fund accounting and investor allocation module, I have thought a lot about the best way to explain, document and present both the concepts and the specifics of this feature.

Endowments and Pensions Diversifying into Alternatives

Everywhere you turn, you hear it… pensions and endowments are turning to Alternative Investments, be it hedge funds, private equity, real estate, timberland, or other exotic or esoteric holdings. As the equity markets remain volatile and unpredictable, with macro trends overshadowing stock picking skills, institutions seek an alternative to the current low return environment in traditional assets. It is clearly happening -- alternative are becoming more mainstream; and with this expansion, comes Risk.

A Taxonomy for Multi-Asset-Class Portfolios

In a Multi-Asset-Class portfolio, the taxonomy you use is the palate for the picture you paint for your investors and board with your performance reports. The reports showcase your work – they should provide clarity and eliminate any distractions. Your audience should be able to use them both for an overview of your success in running the portfolio and to drill down into details, extrapolating facts about your process. A first-class portfolio taxonomy will help you do all this.

Cogency Adds Support for Private Equity Fund Positions

Cogency's Portfolio Management and Fund Accounting modules have added support for investments into Private Equity funds. Now your portfolio positions in Private Equity Funds are accurately tracked with all portfolio and accounting attributes: commitment, cost, gains, returns, etc.