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Portfolio Accounting

Manage portfolios of different asset-classes and different durations with ease. Stay on top of your hedge funds, private equity, public equity, daily liquidity, fixed income, and foreign currencies.

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Flexible Trading & Performance Reporting

Trade positions monthly (hedge funds), daily (ETFs, forwards, liquid funds), or on designated dates dictated by the manager (private equity). Report performance on the combined portfolio, by strategy, by asset-class, and by any other roll-up.

Cash Management

Use our system to meet your complex cash management requirements. Aggregate long term and short term portfolios, liquid and non-liquid holdings, and the various cash and custody accounts.

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See how our comprehensive software solution can meet your multi-manager and mixed portfolio needs. Let us help determine if Cogency is the right fit for your organization.

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Cogency provides hundreds of reports for investors with portfolios of hedge funds, private equities, and marketable securities. Download our most popular report examples.

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