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Sample Reports

  Cogency Reports Booklet

Cogency provides hundreds of reports for investors with mixed portfolios of hedge funds, private equity funds, and daily traded instruments. See some of our most popular reports, including:

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Hedge Fund Liquidity
  • Portfolio Exposures
  • Portfolio Look-through Reporting
  • Performance Analysis
  • Attribution Analysis
  • Private Equity Analysis
  • Partnership Accounting
  • Financial Statements
  • Manager Research
  • Manager Due Diligence
  • Compliance Report Cards


White Papers

  Valuation Timing for Alternative Investments

If you are responsible for pricing a portfolio of alternative investments at an endowment, family office, fund of fund, or other institution, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about returns, pricing date, data quality and price source.

With a good model in which to organize all this information, you can report appropriate performance numbers to your team and investors. Without a clear model, your organization spends more time than it should debating the returns and variances.

This paper presents a model for valuation timing to facilitate a unified understanding of the topic across your organization.


  Visualizing the Family Office

Family Offices all share one common organizational trait: an abundance of separate legal entities connected through varying types of complex relationships.

Intricate ownership structures, multi-faceted reporting relationships, and changing ownership percentages create an ever expanding operational challenge for the family office.

This paper examines the evolutionary complexity of today's family office structures and presents both traditional and cutting-edge solutions that model entity relationships.


  Performance Analysis of a Multi-Asset Class Portfolio

Setting target returns for an overall portfolio helps you track the success of the institution, but only by further articulating performance goals can you measure the success of the investment team.

In order to analyze, measure, and improve investment strategy, asset allocation, security selection, and investment activity, you need a rigorous and quantifiable approach to tracking performance and attribution.

This paper presents a framework for measuring performance within a multi-asset class portfolio.


Product Areas

  Cogency Overview

  A Single Version of the Truth

A single, centralized system allowing easy, expedient, and accurate flow of information between front, middle, and back office doesn't have to remain a dream.

Cogency provides a unified platform to meet the accounting and management needs of investors with mixed portfolios of hedge funds, private equity funds, and daily traded instruments.


  Portfolio Exposure

  A Multi-dimensional Solution for a Multi-Faceted Domain Space

Cogency provides a single source when you need instant, accurate information about your complete portfolio exposure.

As financial landscapes evolve around the world, do you have the information you need to understand the effects of these changes on your portfolio... and make decisions accordingly?


  Portfolio Construction

  Empowering Your Strategic Decisions

Portfolio Construction gives investment decision makers a set of tools that streamline and enhance the process of planning fund portfolios in future periods.

It brings together rich, best-available information enabling you to make accurate and informed decisions and seamlessly promote trades through their lifecycle.


Client Focus

  Cogency for Fund of Funds

  Increase Efficiency, Reduce Risk

Cogency empowers fund of funds managers to increase efficiency and reduce operational and financial risk through a comprehensive solution that includes management for portfolios of hedge funds and private equity funds, and partnership and shareholder accounting.


  Cogency for Family Offices

  Unparalleled Insight for Family Offices

Cogency allows Single Family Offices and Multi-client Family Offices to manage portfolios and ownership percentages across complex multi-level hierarchies of family entities, and report on performance, net worth, and asset class specific portfolio characteristics at any level of the hierarchy.


  Cogency for Outsourced CIOs

  Ensuring Sound Sleep for Outsourced Chief Investment Officers

Cogency enables Outsourced Chief Investment Officers to manage complex portfolios of mixed asset classes and their corresponding performance reporting requirements, and streamline their manager selection processes.


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