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Flexible Deployment

Available as a hosted or installed solution with both browser and desktop interface options. Optional single sign-on capability allows you to streamline the login process throughout our entire application suite.

Customized Reporting

  • Branding - Stylized reports with your custom fonts, colors, and logos.
  • Dashboards - At-a-glance visibility into core firm data so as to keep you abreast of key indicators, exceptions, and follow up activities.
  • Report Cards - Threshold based compliance alerts and reports to keep you in-line with your mandates.
  • Report Groups - Complete set of automatically generated reports for your entities and funds.
  • Table Calculators - Powerful rules engine for customized views of data grids—from high level summaries to detailed line items.
  • Custom Menus - Personalized report selection for users who only need access to certain reports.

Data Interfaces

Cogency's data interfaces complement the dynamism of your business and connect to your information hubs. Import or export data via Microsoft Excel, SQL, web-services, Cogency's DataAccess API or custom connectors. Easily exchange data in either direction with your existing technologies and application data sources:

Microsoft Excel / CSV

Web services

SQL database interfaces

Third-party product integration

Custom interfaces

Custom workflows

User Access

Application areas can be secured at a most granular level based on user, role and group. This capability ensures that every user only has access to the appropriate information.

Audit Logs

Cogency provides a complete set of activity, session, change, and event logs should you need to audit the results. Comprehensive System Administration tools allow you to monitor all activity within Cogency.

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Cogency provides hundreds of reports for investors with portfolios of hedge funds, private equities, and marketable securities. Download our most popular report examples.

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