Accounting Experience

We support onshore and offshore structures, complex fund and fee structures and a plethora of subtle yet invaluable features developed over many years of experience implementing our system at firms like yours.

Investor Accounting

  • Onshore partnership, lot level accounting, GP allocation
  • Offshore shareclass / series accounting, plus shareholder registry
  • Configurable break-period and day-count-method
  • Complex management, incentive and admin fee calculations, at the lot, investor, family, series, share class or fund level
  • Flexible options for LCF, High Water Mark, Hurdles, asset base, crystallization interval, and more
  • Investor liquidity calculations and reporting
  • Marketer fee and rebate calculations
  • Investor, Investor Family and Fund Capital Dashboards, showing cash-flows, balances, fees for a single period or over time

Fund Accounting

  • CFO Dashboard
  • Multi-currency general ledger, GAAP financials
  • Configurable chart of accounts; recurring, manual and automated journal entries
  • Complex fund-structure look-through
  • Side-pocket accounting, uneven allocations, segregated pools
  • Foreign Exchange transactions and currency exposure reporting
  • Cost basis accounting and reporting
  • Multiple open-period accounting
  • Complex multi-leg investment transactions
  • Firm-wide revenue reporting
  • Compliance and exception reporting

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