Cogency can manage any manner of pooled investments, from onshore funds with side pockets and lot level details to offshore funds with multi-currency share classes and series, each with their own fee structures. Cogency's allocation and fee calculation engine supports all capital transactions, including subscriptions, redemptions, dividends, transfers, assignments, and rollups. Whether you charge fees, accrue fees, or simply note the fees for billing outside of the fund, Cogency can handle the myriad of management and incentive fee arrangements found in hedge funds and funds of hedge funds.

  Key Features

  • Side-pockets, uneven allocations, segregated pools
  • Management, incentive and admin fee calculations at any level
  • High water mark (HWM), loss carry forward (LCF), hurdles, asset base, crystallization interval
  • Dashboards showing investor balances, fees, performance, and transaction history


Cogency handles all capital accounting for private equity, including investor commitments, calls and distributions, income allocation, and fee and carry calculations. Our system also automates cumbersome management fee processing, such as fees based on commitment, called capital or waterfalls that include a hurdle and additional tiers. Whether you allow for subsequent closes, or allow investors to choose which investments to participate in, Cogency provides a complete accounting solution to fit your private equity operational workflow.

  Key Features

  • Investor commitments, unfunded commitments, calls, distributions
  • Customizable fee and carry calculations
  • Complete transactional processing
  • Dashboards showing per-fund and per-investor performance, multiples, aggregate balances


Cogency's multi-currency general ledger provides a fully configurable chart of accounts, letting you define the most appropriate structure for your financial reporting. Journal entries are generated automatically as transactions are recorded in the system, be they trades, cash management, currency exchanges, accrued expenses or other business events. In addition, you can easily create any number of ad-hoc journal entries for special situations.

Cogency's accounting module includes a complete set of financial statements along with GAAP reports for changes in net assets, schedule of investments, and sub-ledger detail views on trade activities and unsettled trades. Leading institutions reply on Cogency every day to maintain accurate books and records for their investment and investor activity.

  Key Features

  • Multi-currency, double-entry general ledger
  • Manual and automated journal entries
  • Multiple open-period accounting
  • Elaborate multi-leg investment transactions
  • Complex fund-structure look-through
  • Generate income statements, balance sheets, trial balances, and more


Cogency provides a complete solution for monitoring your interaction with investors through a seamless integration with our Investor Relationship Management module. Streamline your investor communications by generating and distributing your investor statements from a single platform.

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