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"Cogency delivers a comprehensive accounting package that allows us to perform all accounting functions in-house, so we can better verify the accuracy of the work being performed by our administrator."

Joseph Logterman, Chief Financial Officer
Pointer Management, LLC


At the heart of Cogency is a multi-currency accounting system that tracks your portfolio, plus other assets and liabilities, to produce a fund Net Asset Value within your preferred lifecycle.

  • Generate daily, weekly and monthly NAV calculations.
  • Create multiple NAVs for the same period including estimates, finals, and additional data qualities as needed.
  • Record detailed cash management, trade settlement, payables and receivables, fund expenses and accruals.


Model your business environment and accelerate your accounting workflow thanks to Cogency's ability to infer your inter-entity relationships.

  • Generate interactive diagrams illustrating entity relationships and ownership percentages over time.
  • Ensure accounting integrity for dependent funds: master funds are automatically closed before their feeders, whether you have a 2-level or 10-level fund hierarchy.
  • Automate internal income allocations: the net income calculated in a master fund is automatically allocated to feeder funds.
  • Automate fee allocations: fees calculated in a feeder fund can be automatically charged in the master fund.


Manage any manner of pooled investments, from onshore funds with side pockets and lot level details to offshore funds with multi-currency share classes and series or equalization, each with their own fee structures.

Capture all capital transactions, including subscriptions, redemptions, dividends, transfers, assignments, and rollups. Whether you charge fees, accrue fees, or simply note the fees for billing outside of the fund, Cogency can handle the countless management and incentive fee arrangements found in hedge funds and funds of hedge funds.

  • Manage side-pockets, uneven allocations, and segregated pools.
  • Perform complex management fee, incentive fee and admin fee calculations.
  • Use flexible options for high water mark (HWM), loss carry forward (LCF), hurdles, asset base, and crystallization interval.
  • View intuitive dashboards showing investor balances, fees, performance, and transaction history.


Perform all capital accounting for private equity, including investor commitments, calls and distributions, income allocation, and fee and carry calculations. Automate cumbersome management fee calculations based on commitment or called capital, and carry and distribution calculations based on waterfalls that include a hurdle and additional tiers.

Whether you allow for subsequent closes, or let investors choose their preferred investments, Cogency provides a complete accounting solution to fit your private equity operational workflow.

  • Track investor commitments, unfunded commitments, calls, and distributions.
  • Perform highly customizable fee and carry calculations.
  • View informative dashboards showing per-fund and per-investor performance, multiples, and aggregate balances.


Take advantage of a powerful, multi-currency general ledger with a highly customizable chart of accounts. Journal entries are generated automatically as transactions are recorded in the system, be they trades, cash management, currency exchanges, accrued expenses or other business events. In addition, you can create any number of ad-hoc journal entries for special situations.

  • Highly customizable chart of accounts structure.
  • Enter elaborate multi-leg investment transactions.
  • Enable look-through for complex fund structures.
  • Generate a complete set of financial statements plus GAAP based reports.

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