Best Practices in Manager Due Diligence

Our Manager Due Diligence product is a systematic and comprehensive manager database that guides and supports your research process. It helps you track qualitative information about the managers you watch: employees, service providers, registrations, affiliations, fee structures, etc. You can track your current and historical interaction with managers using activities, tasks, documents, and questionnaires. It also includes quantitative information about managers, returns and analytics, before and after you invest with them.

  • Dashboards - Manager qualitative and quantitative dashboards
  • Fund and Manager CRM - Email, address, phone, history, and more
  • Email Integration - Email storage, Microsoft Outlook drag-drop integration
  • Manager Interactions - Record all your interacations with managers including activities, calls, meetings, notes, and more.
  • Document Archive
    • Store any type of document (pdf, doc, email, etc.) within the system
    • Classify documents and associate them with any number of managers, employees and contacts
  • Search and Report - Over 30 different report views to retrieve, view, analyze and correlate all this information
  • Intuitive Hierarchy - Use intuitive Fund > Fund Family > Firm hierarchy
  • Customized Workflow - Customize your manager due diligence workflow
  • Flexible Questionaires - Industry standard and bespoke questionnaires for due diligence, risk, and your own process tracking

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