Our Manager Due Diligence product is a systematic and comprehensive manager database that guides and supports your research process. It helps you track qualitative information about the managers you watch including their employees, service providers, registrations, affiliations, fee structures, and so on.

You can track your current and historical interaction with managers using activities, tasks, documents, and questionnaires. It also includes quantitative information about managers, returns and analytics, before and after you invest with them.


Keep tabs on your own entities as well as the external managers and funds that are important to you.

  • Track your internal entities: whether they are funds, pools, or any other legal entities.
  • Track your external entities: the managers and funds into which you invest or are considering investing.
  • Report on entities by strategy, asset category, legal entity type, and many other standard and user-defined tags.


Track the stakeholders and key people related to each of your entities.

  • Track the service providers of each entity.
  • Group funds into managers, and managers into firms.
  • Report on shared counterparties such as administrators or prime-brokers across a group of entities.


Capture the activities you perform as part of your manager research and oversight process.

  • Record all interactions with managers including phone calls, meetings, and important notes.
  • Import important email communications through seamless drag-and-drop integration with Microsoft Outlook.


Store and tag documents related to managers, cross-linked to your portfolio, for effortless discovery and retrieval.

  • Manage and organize your documents in a centralized repository.
  • Associate documents with any number of managers, employees and contacts for easy discovery.
  • Extract attached documents automatically while importing email messages.


Use industry standard and bespoke questionnaires for your due diligence process, risk process, and anything else you want to track via a user-defined questionnaire.

  • Choose from a large collection of pre-defined, industry standard questionnaires.
  • Modify existing templates or create custom questionnaires for your unique needs.


Incorporate flexible task lists that track the progress of your due diligence process.

  • Move managers from Follow to Evaluate to Recommend to Invest, or whatever lifecycle and terminology you use in your firm.
  • Track the tasks associated with each step including who is doing it, and when will it be complete.
  • Get alerts on tasks that are assigned to you.


Evaluate the performance history of potential managers, compared to peers and benchmarks.

  • Compare manager performance to peers and benchmarks.
  • Measure returns-based analytics like Sharpe, Sortino, Alpha and Beta.


Tie pre and post-investment return streams together with ease. Cogency empowers multi-manager investors with seamless integration between our Manager Due Diligence and Portfolio Management module.

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