Multiple Asset Classes

Cogency complements your asset allocation strategy by tracking the asset-class specific attributes of your investments. Our software is built to manage mixed portfolios of hedge funds, private equity funds, daily traded instruments, and fixed assets.

  Hedge Fund Positions

  Private Equity Investments

  Equities, Fixed Income, Derivatives

  Fixed Assets


Cogency provides hundreds of reports spanning performance, exposure, liquidity, attribution and risk. Generate reports for a single month or across time, for one asset-class or the entire portfolio, by portfolio, manager, firm, sector, strategy and more.

Portfolio and Net Asset Value (NAV)
  • Report using Local and Base currency
  • Look-through multiple layers of ownership structures
  • See Cost basis, Realized and Unrealized income
  • Understand Exposure across portfolios and entities
Portfolio Reports by Asset Class
  • Track private equity Commitments, Cost, Gains, Fees, Returns
  • Understand hedge fund Liquidity
  • Analyze fixed income activity including Accrued Interest
Performance and Attribution Measurement
  • Generate IRR, TWR, and Modified Dietz performance calculations
  • Create explicit and weighted Benchmarks, per fund, strategy or portfolio
  • See performance and attribution compared to Targets and Benchmarks
  • Specify Target allocations
Custom Dashboards
  • See performance, exposure and attribution summaries
  • View portfolio and capital liquidity, notice, redemption and cash-arrival alerts
  • Slice and dice by strategy, fund family, fund type, manager and more


Cogency supports complex investment activity including portfolio, investor and internal investment transactions. Track subscriptions, redemptions, transfers, assignments, rebalances, dividends, and many other details of your portfolio activity.

  Multi-currency FX rates, trades, hedges and income

  Private Equity cashflows

  Subscriptions and Redemptions

  Buys, Sells, Transfers, Assignments, Rollups, and Rebalance

  Cash Transactions, Balances, Reconciliation and Projection

  Daily and Weekly values, Month-end Estimates and Finals, Late Prices

Investment transactions are seamlessly integrated with our Fund & Investor Accounting system that automatically tracks your portfolio activity through our robust general ledger.

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Cogency provides hundreds of reports for investors with portfolios of hedge funds, private equities, and marketable securities. Download our most popular report examples.

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