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Dashboards and Report Cards

Cogency will help you conceptualize and then build the dashboards that capture your unique business metrics. As a basis, we have the product dashboards that capture industry standard metrics.

Customize Your Reports

Cogency teaches you how to build your own customized views and reports, making you nimble, self-sufficient and able to support your evolving requirements

Tailored Access for Users and Roles

Cogency creates an initial set of menus for the different roles in your organization, and teaches you how to maintain and change these, so that you are always able to tailor each user's experience with the product to their unique needs. We want every person in your organization to be using Cogency, whether as an operational all-day user, or for occasional real-time reports.

Special Situations Support

Cogency is there to help you when there are legal, tax or other situations that affect the entire industry. For example, here are some notable events when Cogency supported the evolving needs of our clients:

  • 2006 → Pension protection act, ERISA changes
  • 2009 → Liquidity crisis, fund restructuring
  • 2011 → New regulatory requirements
  • 2012 → New Issue Allocation, de minimis changes
  • 2014 → IFRS