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Managed Process

We manage the day-to-day implementation process as well as the transfer of historical data and verification. Using our Cogency Implementation Toolkit (CIT), we load your historical and Start Date data and ensure its accuracy. In addition, we perform Start Date true up and reconciliation plus parallel testing before bringing our product quietly into production.

Implementation Process

Training & Documentation

We provide product training, end-user training, and administrator training to support your entire organization. Our product documentation and release notes are published regularly to keep you up-to-date of our latest developments.

Accounting Support

We can provide a wide range of accounting support during implementation and beyond. Our Implementation Team members are experts in fund accounting and fund workflow. Engaging Cogency's accounting support is often the most efficient path to going live with our software.

Technical Support

We offer comprehensive product and technical support to ensure our clients' ongoing success. Our technical support team can help with software, network and database issues, while our help desk is available to answer your accounting and workflow related questions.